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The University offers a range of academic programmes at different levels. Programmes range from doctoral to certificate levels.

TEKU admits students irrespective of creed, race, religious and political orientation. It enrols both mature and direct entrants i.e. ‘A’ level graduates provided they qualify for the programme for which they applied.

The current academic programmes are as follows:




Postgraduate Programes

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Master Programs

Master of Arts in Education
Master of Business Administration
Master of Theology

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Education Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts with Education
Bachelor of Education Languages
Bachelor of Education in Psychology
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Arts Economics
Bachelor of Arts Sociology and Social Work
Bachelor of Education Counselling Psychology
Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems
Bachelor of Divinity
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Human Resources Management
Bachelor of Law
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

Non-Degree Programs

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Short Course Programs

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